Virtual private networks better known as VPNs are cybersecurity applications that became essential for modern internet users. Everyone wants to feel protected from external threats today more than ever. The internet fraud and the use of hostile software is on a steady increase and hackers find more sophisticated methods to get to the users’ sensitive information. It is not a secret that even such worldwide popular corporations like Google can get access to any personal data of their users without permissions using their devices. In fact, VPN is the only viable choice for an ordinary user who seeks for the feeling of internet security. The main purpose of these applications is to establish a safe connection with any Wi-Fi or network and keep the data protected by changing the IP (internet protocol) address of the user. Essentially, apps or browsers will not be able to track your actions or identify your location anymore.

This article that includes VPN ratings can be the perfect source of information for users, which are on the fence about their choice of VPN. Stick around to learn about key features of a viable cybersecurity software and best options on the market today.

Characteristics of a good VPN application

The topic might seem simple for some of you, nevertheless it is vital to consider all the nuances before making any choices. The steep growth of the demand for the VPNs has led to the rapid increase in the variety of them on the market of cybersecurity programs. Even though it allows everyone to find the most suitable program, at the same time it is difficult to sift through the hundreds of options.

What should a viable VPN have?

  • First and foremost it is a good stable protection. Make sure that the VPN of your choice provides solid services and stable servers in different countries. The feature of changing an IP address is what people install these applications for, so it definitely has to work just fine.
  • Compatibility with all operating systems. It is important to be able to switch to another platform without looking for another VPN and paying for the subscription. It has worked at least on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Fast internet connection without any delays. Typically, it is impossible to get a solid protection without sacrificing some speed, but it strongly depends on the quality of the company’s servers. Try to find the comments of users on the dedicated websites to learn about this more.
  • The availability of additional features. Even though the main function of a VPN is obvious, its versatility does not end on it. Modern VPN applications can offer such additional features like Game mode that can be essential for the gamers playing on distant servers with high ping rate or Parental control that can keep undesirable information and websites blocked and even control the time your kid spends on the internet.  
  • Competitive prices can affect the decision of many users strongly. Most of the popular VPN applications have almost similar functionality and features and literally all they can do to attract new customers is to change the price and offer different bonuses and discounts.

Choose from the best options!

To give the information given in the article more context it is essential to list the examples of viable VPN programs that can suit different needs of the customers.

Best VPNs on the market today:

  • NordVPN is growing in popularity due to a good promotional campaign and solid functionality. It’s simple and refined design of the interface highlights it in the variety of the similar program on the market. It comes at 3.71$ per month, which is not the cheapest deal.
  • Surfshark is a very similar option. You might have heard of it from some famous blogger or in the advertisement, but in fact, everything they say about it is true. It has one of the best protection systems on the market and comes only at 2.49 per month with a one-year trial period for new customers.
  • CyberGhost VPN is not as popular on the market, nevertheless has a great potential for the development. You can get it for just 2.25$ per month for three years, which makes it the cheapest out of all the advanced VPN applications on the list.
  • ExpressVPN will close the list as the most expensive application on it. The program comes at 6.67$ per month, but you can get it much cheaper for a special price during bonus periods. The price of this program is reasonable because of the quality of the servers it operates, which guarantees the smoothest connection and high internet speed with strong security.

Remember, that listed options are not the only ones. You can use them as a reference of a good VPN program that will not disappoint any user, regardless of his or her demands.  

Bottom line

Not a single internet user can feel secure using browsers or websites without the protection of the VPN application. The policy of biggest corporations made it impossible to keep you information without hiding the IP address of the device, because anyone who has it can know everything from your browser search history to your current location. Any of your personal data can be sold or used against you, so it is essential to defend it. The wide range of options makes it very confusing for an incompetent internet user to sift through only viable ones. The list given in the article not only shows examples of the best VPN application for modern standards but also can give a better understanding of key features of them. Consider all the factors, including the price before making up your mind, it can make a huge difference afterwards. Good luck with keeping your connection safe.