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Board meeting management is Made Easy with Board software

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Today, the organization of online broadcasts has become a new trend in the event industry. In this article, we will discuss how to organize a board meeting with the help of board software. 

Why does Board meeting software gain great popularity today?

We are increasingly working online. Why is online broadcasting relevant and how useful is it? Social media is a source of the audience that you may not always be able to invite to your usual library activities. Currently, quarantine is a great way out. Have you noticed how actively the representatives of the media began to broadcast their events and masterclasses? Writers, dancers, singers hold readings, online concerts, or workshops on social networks. The live mode has the effect of live communication, viewers write comments, express their emotions, ask questions.

The main difference between organizing events via board meeting management from the traditional (offline) way is the increased attention to technical aspects and additional knowledge. You can hold the event online on social networks or with the help of special online platforms. You can also use messengers: WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger. Or Instagram for broadcasts of both official events and entertainment events. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, choose the most convenient for you. 

Of course, live communication is a more common way of communicating, but online meetings have their advantages. In particular, it is attracting a wide audience, a high degree of interactivity, the opportunity to receive a record at the end of the event. 

The most preferred alternatives of Board software

So, there are the following options:

  • Discord is well suited for discussions and meetings in groups of up to 10 people but has no demonstration features. The application is free. You can use WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger on this principle.
  • Cisco WebEx is one of the most powerful platforms that guarantee high-quality communication and data security. It also has the option of voice control of broadcasts and provides favorable conditions of use for free and at paid rates.
  • Go To Meeting is especially advantageous if you need to hold regular online seminars for a large number of participants. It is convenient to plan webinars because the service automatically creates a registration form for participants and sends reminders about the webinar to registered participants. There are three paid tariff plans with the ability to join up to 3,000 participants. 14 days for a free attempt to use the service.
  • My Own Conference. In addition to the basic features, there is a special design for creating registration pages for webinars. You can also set up automatic mailings with reminders for registered participants, as well as integrate the resource with the site (you can add a special integration code to your site and invite guests to visit the site, and from there – go to the webinar). This service provides a tool for conducting tests during broadcasts.
  • Microsoft Teams is a resource that can be downloaded to a computer or gadget, or used as a web application. Provides the opportunity to conduct online audio, video, web conferences, as well as broadcast and record large-scale meetings, webinars for a large audience (up to 10,000 participants).

Thus, for workshops, discussions, or even workshops, you can choose almost any of the above methods of broadcasting. It is more convenient to use Zoom, Skype, Cisco Webex, Go To Meeting, My Own Conference for training and lectures. At least, thanks to the screen demonstration feature that may be needed during training activities.

PC Matic success story

The beginning of PC Matic

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PC Matic was founded in 1999. No one, not even the founders in their wildest dreams, could imagine the success that would wait for them in the future. This is not a fairy tale; this is a story about great dedication, a hard-working team and genuine love for what you do. Let’s see how a small company managed to create one of the best antiviruses in the world! If you are interested in some additional info from other users, check PC Matic user reviews here.

Years ago, in 1998, PCMatic was just a computer diagnostic site. It was so loved by users that it was frequently included in Alexa’s list of 100o the most popular websites. However, popularity wasn’t the main goal the company’s founder wanted to achieve. His dream was to create a new product that would change users’ idea of PC-safety and cyber safety. The result of that dream is PC Matic, a tool that cares for both safety and maintenance of your numerous devices.

A white list approach

In 2011 PC Matic presented SuperShield, a protection based on a whitelist approach. Though it shows impressive results in blocking malicious malware, even this method has some flaws. PC Matic blocks all unknown programs and apps, even 100% good and safe ones. For instance, antiviruses that operate on the blacklist approach assume that all unknown files are harmless. The whitelist would never do that, all unknown files have to be verified; otherwise they won’t be able to operate.

A security breach

2016 brought new challenges. Whitelist security proved to be helpless against fileless infection. That made developers work even harder in order to improve their product; they analyzed a previous mistake and added some changes to block scripting attacks.

PC Matic’s mission

If you ask the founders and the workers of PC Matic about their mission, they will tell you about one big dream. It is unique software that will protect different devices and information kept there from the cyber-mafia. The company strives to diminish the number of infections and breaches. Absolute safety is what their customers want and need and the company is very eager to try and create such a product. We are sure that these guys can do it!

PC Matic awards

The company has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable antiviruses in the industry and the many awards PC Matic has received prove that they are the leaders.

  • In 2020 PC Matic got an award for best performance and anti-malware protection
  • In 2019 the company received the prize for the best IT anti-malware solution
  • In 2018 PC Matic became best in biz
  • In 2017 the company was recognized as a founder of the most innovative product

The list is not complete! Other awards are enumerated on the PC Matic’s official site. We are sure that soon enough we will hear about new prizes and awards, for such commitment to work has to be recognized!

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Is AVG VPN any good for a modern user?

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Almost every computer user has probably heard of AVG antivirus before, but AVG VPN is much less popular on the cybersecurity market. You can get it separately or in a bundle with other applications from this brand. The most crucial function of any VPN is to efficiently mask or change a user’s IP address to make network connections safe. This feature completely eliminates all the threats from hackers or hostile malware you can face on the internet today. The following AVG VPN Review will outline all the details of the app and will help any user to decide whether it is a viable option.

Who will install AVG VPN?

The high demand on the market of cybersecurity applications created a high supply of them, which in its turn has led to a cutthroat competition between major developers. Does AVG VPN prove its name after all?

Main advantages of the program:

  • High connection speed regardless of the user’s location, which makes it a great choice for gamers and people who need to download a lot of data from blocked sources. Not all the competitors can offer such a feature.
  • The ability to use AVG VPN with Netflix streaming service. This feature is quite rare for today’s standards, even though it may be the most attractive one for the majority of the customers.
  • Compatibility with the most popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the use of the application versatile.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN include:

  • Saving of user’s logs and timestamps in the system creates a threat of leakage of personal data of the user. This is unacceptable for a cybersecurity application that claims to protect users’ sensitive data. Some sources report issues with the safety of AVG clients’ information because of such technical flaws.
  • Small number of available servers. You can choose only from 36 countries, which is way below the average for the advanced VPN application. It limits the opportunities of the user and makes the program less usable.
  • The application does not work in China. Even though this is not something new for the VPN program, it can be considered as a major disadvantage.
  • Poor customer support for the price you pay. The official website claims to provide 24/7 technical support via phone or email, the actual response rate is too low.

Bottom line

AVG VPN might be a viable choice for an ordinary internet user that cares about additional features it can offer more than about protection. If you are looking for a solid cybersecurity application that will for sure keep your sensitive data safe, you should better look for another solution. The application saves the user’s log files and timestamps, which opens new ways for the data leakage and can cause serious problems.

Best free VPN application for any platform - Post Thumbnail

Best free VPN application for any platform

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When it comes to protection from internet threats there is no better solution that a virtual private network services today. These applications have been around for about ten years and gained popularity among all types of users. Hackers and hostile software can get access to your sensitive data at any time using your IP (internet protocol) address. However, this will not be an issue after installing any VPN program on your device. This article will provide an in-depth Touch VPN Review to give any user the clearer understanding of the topic.

Can a good application be free?

It might be a surprise for a lot of digital devices users that applications of a good quality can be free nowadays. Usually, companies claim high prices on their products or services and all you can hope for is some bonuses or discounts. However, Touch VPN is definitely a pleasant exception from the rule.

Benefits of Touch VPN:

  • Of course, the fact that a license is free is a main advantage of this application. It is not a trial period or demo version with limited functionality, you get all the features it can offer without paying at all. Just download the app on the platform you are using. You will be able to get rid of it without any losses anytime.
  • Compatibility with most popular operating systems. Touch VPN can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS. Users will not need to seek for another solution for every device anymore: one account gives protection for all of them.
  • The availability of almost three thousand servers in hundred countries worldwide opens a completely new world of possibilities for the users that try to bypass limitations on particular internet services or streaming platforms.
  • You will not have to worry about losing your personal data anymore. Hackers have not found out how to break through such solid protection yet. Essentially, the inability to get your real IP address leaves them without the most convenient way of getting access to sensitive data.
  • Use any internet service completely anonymously. No one, including your internet provider or even the government of the country you live in will not know your location or browser search history. Make sure your right of internet freedom is not neglected using the functionality of Touch VPN.

Bottom line

Touch VPN is one of those solutions that will be perfect for every user because of its functionality and price. In fact, you might not be completely satisfied by some of the features for some reason but who will complain about them – the application is absolutely free. Try it for yourself and leave a comment on the official website under all the positive reviews from the users from all around the world.

Easily Uninstall Avast on Mac - Post Thumbnail

Easily Uninstall Avast on Mac

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The user can protect his Mac from viruses with the reliable antivirus software, but sometimes this software can become a headache to the Mac owner. Avast is one of the antivirus programs which is hard to remove. The removal of Avast requires additional forces of the users.  

Reasons to uninstall Avast Mac

Many users are disappointed with Avast Security system because of: 

  • Low scanning speed.
  • Extra consumption of sources.
  • Pop-up windows which distract the attention. 

Mac owners know Avast as a woundable antivirus for Mac. It should take into consideration that it expands freely and quite effectively removes most of the digital risks. But according to the experience of Apple users, it isn’t worth to economize on the security system, that’s why they chose the commercial antivirus with the better productivity rate and the force safety. 

The way to remove Avast Security system on Mac using menu bar

There are several ways to remove Avast on Mac. Removal Avast Security on Mac using a menu bar is the simplest way to delete Avast Security on Mac. Follow the instruction presented below:

  • Launch application Avast Antivirus and click Avast in the up left corner of the window. Chose “Open Avast” in the opened list and click on «Avast Security».
  • Chose “Delete Avast” in the proposed list. In the appearing demand, chose Delete Avast from Mac. 
  • You can choose other Avast products for removing and click on “Continue”.

If it asks the administration permission, it is needed to input your Touch ID or the administrator password. Several minutes later, the removal process will be finished. It should be noticed that the tag removal doesn’t delete the program.  

How to remove Avast on Mac using the official uninstaller Avast

  • Move to the official site Avast, find and download Avast Security on Mac on your MacBook free.
  • Start the files, where you can find two options: «Avast Mac Security» and «Delete Avast». Chose variant “Delete Avast” and click the “Delete” button to continue. 
  • Chose the useless products of Avast and click “Continue”.
  • Input the password connected with your administrator account and click OK to confirm Avast removal. After the removal, only leave the program. 
  • Reactivate Mac. 

How to delete Avast on Mac manually?

  • Leave Avast, which you want to remove. Open utility program on Mac and click “Activity monitor” twice. Find and chose the Avast process and click on the “Exit” button. 
  • Visit “Application” and place the Avast symbol to the Basket. Move to the library to Finder and delete all connected files and folders. 
  • Reactivate Mac and check if the program is deleted from your Mac. 
Can a good VPN application be free? - Post Thumbnail

Can a good VPN application be free?

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The importance of virtual private network services for a modern internet user is difficult to overestimate. VPN ensures that connection with any network or Wi-Fi hotspot is safe and secure by masking or completely faking the IP address of the user. Can such a vital feature be free? Of course, some applications claim to provide all the services without any payments. It can make some customers skip such an affordable option in favor of some pricey VPNs because of unreasonable suspicions. This Betternet VPN Review will serve as a great source of information for any interested user.

All the nuances of free VPNs

Betternet VPN is a great example for the article as it is one of the most popular VPNs on the cybersecurity market in its price category. It claims to provide the full range of functionality totally free, which obviously gives him an edge over competitors. However, the topic is much deeper than that.

How can it be free?

  • First of all, “full functionality” stands for the basic protection function of the VPN, no additional features included. You still can hide or change the IP address, but it can be limiting sometimes not to have such functions as Gaming Mode or Parental Control. However, you can get those by upgrading to the “premium” version, which costs 35.99$ a year.
  • Small amount of servers only in 10 countries may not be enough for the majority of the users. In addition, you cannot use Betternet VPN with Netflix streaming services to get access to the show that is unavailable in your country.
  • The application brings money to its developers with the help of advertisements that are always shown to users in the process of using it. It can be really annoying, but again, you can get rid of them only by buying the “premium” license.

Considering all the information stated above, Betternet might not seem as the most viable option. Nevertheless, it has some benefits too:

  • The ability to get rid of the app at any time without losing any money.
  • The compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the program really versatile and flexible. You can use a single account for every device, which is very handy for people that have multiple computers or smartphones.
  • Solid protection will be more than enough for an ordinary user.


It is impossible to compare free VPNs with the applications you have to buy in terms of quality of the services and functionality. Nevertheless, Betternet VPN might be a good starting point for amateur users that try to understand the basic work of VPNs in general and to find out what features they have to look for. The abilities to switch to any other program at any moment or upgrade to a premium version to get more features are very convenient.

How to choose a VPN for your device? - Post Thumbnail

How to choose a VPN for your device?

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The variety of virtual private networks applications is so wide nowadays that sometimes it can be confusing for a lot of inexperienced users to choose the viable option. Nevertheless, the increase of internet fraud and more often hacker attacks all over the world makes VPNs essential for a modern digital devices user. It can fake your IP address or mask it so no one can get access to your sensitive data using it. Most of the VPNs offer quite similar functionality and even additional features and it might seem not a big deal to take advantage of VPN Free Trial and figure out, which app is the best for you. However, the process of choosing is more complex and this article will explain it.

The choice has to be elaborate

Some of you may think that the topic is exaggerated because all the popular VPNs are somewhat similar and thus it is hard to make a wrong choice. Of course, you can just go for the most popular pricey application without considering programs with better value for money.

Tips on how to make a right choice:

  • Make sure you know what you need from the VPN application. Additional features sometimes mean as much for customers as the main function of the program. VPNs offer a set of different features for a similar price, so you need to decide, which ones are the most useful for you.
  • Consider the price of the app. It can vary from 2$ up to almost 7$ per month. Because of the high competition on the cybersecurity market companies have to attract new customers with special deals, discounts and bonus programs. Always check if there is an opportunity of saving money.
  • Gather as much information on the applications you consider buying. Read comments of the users on the official website or some review articles on the internet. It will help you to see some hidden sides of the topic.
  • Never trust third-party dealers. Make sure you download VPN of your choice from the official website, which can be identified by its URL address. Avoid purchasing activation keys from unknown sellers regardless of the price.
  • Use a trial period or demo versions of the VPN apps to check its functionality and compatibility with your system. Some programs offer up to a year of free trial for the new customers.

Easiest way to make a good choice

Some internet resources provide various VPN ratings and reviews based on different aspects and features of the applications. You can easily find comparisons between certain VPNs that will include all the smallest nuances like bonuses and the quality of customer support. Exploring such lists can save you a significant amount of money, but it is vital to be conscious that some of the reviews may be just paid advertisements and carry little to none reasonable information.


Many computer or mobile devices users stay unprotected just because they find it too confusing to find an appropriate VPN application. The amount of advertisements claiming that one particular program is superior to others is overwhelming today, which adds to the problem. However, it is too dangerous to neglect the safe connection and protection of the sensitive data features of VPNs just because of that. Given in the article tips will help any user to make his or her own investigation to make the perfect choice. If you want to save some time you can use ratings from approved websites.

Why has a Jailbreak Firestick become a necessity for every household? - Post Thumbnail

Why has a Jailbreak Firestick become a necessity for every household?

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The cinema industry has changed forever with the introduction of online streaming platforms storing thousands of movies & TV shows. Although there are numerous competitors in this relatively new market, they all have one thing in common – viewers have to pay a substantial amount of money for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

While these companies gained their success over the years, free movie & TV show streaming services took a big hit. This is mostly due to the streaming quality difference, but also accessibility, user – friendliness, and compatibility with all types of devices. Amazon Prime TV and Netflix have more features in common – both have their own apps for all devices and Operating Systems. In fact, many TVs nowadays come with Amazon or Netflix installed and accessible with a single button. So what about people that don’t have the luxury of paying for these draining subscriptions? Well, this is where Jailbreak Firestick enters the conversation.

What is a Jailbreak Firestick and why do I need one?

Amazon streaming services are installed with the use of a specific Amazon fire stick, which connects to a TV through USB ports, connecting to the Wifi, and syncing with the bluetooth remote. A Firestick Jailbreak is a type of software that allows people to access the content on a streaming service by overcoming all the restriction barriers the fire stick contains, in other words, removing the problem of paid subscriptions.

The first few questions that might pop in someone’s mind are “Is this legal?” and “Is it safe for the TV?”. Well, the answer is a big YES to both of them. Jailbreaking a Firestick is completely legal since the process of ‘jailbreaking’ does not actually happen. Firestick Jailbreaking software does not install any third – party software or in any way modify the contents of a Firestick, it merely removes the barrier put in place for viewers to create payable accounts. It is also completely safe for your TVs and for your online streaming services, according to numerous product tests before it entered the market.

Now that we got that out of the way, you might be wondering, why do you need a Jailbreak Firestick? The main benefits of Firestick Jailbreaking software, such as Kodi, include:

  • FIrst one is the most obvious one, Jailbreak Firestick software will give you access to huge HВ streaming services without spending absolutely any money.
  • Some online streaming services, including Amazon TV, contain various other features on their platforms including games and music and video libraries. With a Jailbreak Firestick users will have access to these features as well.
  • Some features on online streaming services may require another payment, for example Pro features with an even larger content library. Once again a Jailbreak Firestick comes to the rescue! You will not have to worry about any extra payments as the jailbreak software gives access to absolutely all features, including the ones for extra money.

The only notable side effect of jailbreaking your firestick could be a slower internet connection on the streaming services.

Is it really worth the money?

If you consider the cost of a Jailbreak Firestick in comparison to the price of paid streaming services – the question will answer itself. Jailbreak software might be the cost of a few months on these platforms, and after a period of 12 or 24 months – the number becomes quite substantial.

This sounds like a dealbreaker, and I believe is definitely worth the money. If you want to enjoy all the great content streaming platforms provide, and save a lot of money in the process – purchasing Firestick Jailbreaking software is your best option.

How to Remove Avast Secure Browser In 5 Minutes? - Post Thumbnail

How to Remove Avast Secure Browser In 5 Minutes?

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Avast is a rather well-known antivirus that has a free version and is widespread among users. Avast installation is done and many users notice that not only Avast but also the element Secure Browser appeared among the programs list, presented on PC. The reason is the person didn’t remark or simply left the Avast installation page where it could be possible its deactivation. Actually, it is a special secure browser from the antivirus developers. The developers mark it as a means of safe Internet-content view but the browser won’t be useful to everyone. Fortunately, there are several simple methods to remove Avast Secure Browser which don’t take much time. 

Reasons to delete the browser:

  • Large resources consumption and, consequently, the computer begins to work slowly even with the simplest actions.  
  • Avast touting in every corner. Its advertising is everywhere. 
  • False responses and clear threat missing. It also blocks the safety sites that cause the work to stop. 
  • Uttermost reluctance to delete.

Methods to remove Avast Secure Browser:

There are 2 methods to delete the browser that take only 5 minutes! 

  • Using Control Panel.
  • Using third-party software. 

Remove the browser via the Control Panel

The following steps help to deactivate the browser:

  • Open the Control Panel and move to the tab «Applications».
  • Chose «Avast Secure Browser» among the proposed programs and click to remove and confirm the removal in the appeared window.
  • Several seconds later, the window with regret on Avast removal will appear. Click “Remove” one more time to delete the browser finally.
  • Wait till the uninstallation process ending and close the program window. 
  • Restart the computer. 

Deactivation of Avast Secure Browser using third-party software

It is needed to follow the steps:

  • Open CCleaner and move to “Service”.
  • Find «Avast Secure Browser» in the list and click “Uninstallation” in the right part of the screen.
  • Several seconds later, the window with regret on Avast removal will appear. Click “Remove” one more time to delete the browser finally.
  • Wait till the uninstallation process ending and close the program window. 
  • Restart the computer. 

Avast Secure Browser removal is finished; it wouldn’t go amiss to make the computer cleaning from other rubbish. Not closing CCleaner, move to the section “Cleaning” and click the button “Analysis”. Analysis is finished, confirm the procedure with the click on the “Cleaning” button. This procedure should be repeated in the section “Registry”. At the first it is needed to click button “Problem searching” and after – “Correct the chosen ones”. The last step is the computer restarting and now you can work without needless programs.