Best Password Managers for Firefox

You may have already thought about using a password manager, but do not fully understand why you might need it. This article will consider the service functionality and the best options.

The benefits of using Password managers

A password manager is a special program that stores passwords from other programs, websites, mailboxes, social networks, game accounts, etc.

The strength of password managers is convenience. For the most part, they are automatically embedded in browsers and allow you to fill out forms for logins and passwords in one click without having to remember and check them. Password managers suggest using complex character sequences, which can save you from being hacked. And more than once.

The using Password manager service has obvious advantages:

  • the use not only of numbers and letters but also special characters. You can turn this option on/off depending on the tasks you set. Practice shows that codes with additional and less common characters are almost impossible to break;
  • you can vary the length, while the minimum option consists of 8 characters, and this is a fairly reliable code for almost any service;
  • ultra-fast generation. All you have to do is select the settings and press the enter button, and then the system will issue a cipher that you can use for your own needs;
  • the uniqueness of the received values. None of the combinations offered by the service will be repeated.

The best password generators for Firefox

There are the following available solutions:

  • Dashlane Firefox

It is a convenient program for storing passwords that work adequately on all common platforms, except for products from Apple Corporation. The Dashlane utility is shareware; you will have to pay about $ 4 to use it on all devices. For 30 days, users are allowed to test the quality of the premium account. The program can save passwords from instant messengers, e-mail, bank cards. After installing the password keeper, he carefully checks them for the security level and asks to replace the weak ones. If one of the resources has been hacked, the software maintains emergency communication and immediately notifies the user about the hacking, and changes the code. The utility can change passwords for 160 of the most common resources

  • Sticky password

It is a shareware program with more options when purchasing a premium version. The service works based on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, as well as automatic synchronization between all gadgets. Synchronization is not supported when the free version is connected. The program for login uses multiple authentications, encryption algorithm AES-256. All information about your data is stored on the device, and not in the cloud storage, which adds a plus to the level of security. The program performs the following functions:

    • Password generator.
    • Automatic filling of web forms.
    • Sets bookmarks on the resources you like.
    • Separation of passwords into categories.
  • RoboForm

The program uses the AES-256 algorithm for data encryption on iOS, macOS, Windows, Android platforms. You can install the program for free only on a computer or laptop, you need to pay to synchronize with other devices and a computer device. Data storage can be configured in the cloud or on a gadget. In case of hacking, the program sends an emergency message. The advantage of the utility is in the automatic bulk filling of empty fields when registering on sites. Roboform also supports many data formats. There are some very unusual ones among them. For example, contact details of people close to you.