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Can a good VPN application be free?

The importance of virtual private network services for a modern internet user is difficult to overestimate. VPN ensures that connection with any network or Wi-Fi hotspot is safe and secure by masking or completely faking the IP address of the user. Can such a vital feature be free? Of course, some applications claim to provide all the services without any payments. It can make some customers skip such an affordable option in favor of some pricey VPNs because of unreasonable suspicions. This Betternet VPN Review will serve as a great source of information for any interested user.

All the nuances of free VPNs

Betternet VPN is a great example for the article as it is one of the most popular VPNs on the cybersecurity market in its price category. It claims to provide the full range of functionality totally free, which obviously gives him an edge over competitors. However, the topic is much deeper than that.

How can it be free?

  • First of all, “full functionality” stands for the basic protection function of the VPN, no additional features included. You still can hide or change the IP address, but it can be limiting sometimes not to have such functions as Gaming Mode or Parental Control. However, you can get those by upgrading to the “premium” version, which costs 35.99$ a year.
  • Small amount of servers only in 10 countries may not be enough for the majority of the users. In addition, you cannot use Betternet VPN with Netflix streaming services to get access to the show that is unavailable in your country.
  • The application brings money to its developers with the help of advertisements that are always shown to users in the process of using it. It can be really annoying, but again, you can get rid of them only by buying the “premium” license.

Considering all the information stated above, Betternet might not seem as the most viable option. Nevertheless, it has some benefits too:

  • The ability to get rid of the app at any time without losing any money.
  • The compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the program really versatile and flexible. You can use a single account for every device, which is very handy for people that have multiple computers or smartphones.
  • Solid protection will be more than enough for an ordinary user.


It is impossible to compare free VPNs with the applications you have to buy in terms of quality of the services and functionality. Nevertheless, Betternet VPN might be a good starting point for amateur users that try to understand the basic work of VPNs in general and to find out what features they have to look for. The abilities to switch to any other program at any moment or upgrade to a premium version to get more features are very convenient.


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