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Covid-19 and the global pandemic had a significant impact on global markets, and it still does. Because of this, some products have lost their popularity while others, on the contrary, have multiplied. One of these products is virtual data rooms or data room virtuale translated from Italian, they are now at the peak of their popularity, currently, the VDR market is 1, 6 billion dollars, it is projected that in five years this amount will grow to 3, 2 billion dollars. 

The impact of Covid-19 on the VDR market 

The global quarantine has affected many business processes, and especially mergers and acquisitions. Crises like this have happened before, with many companies cutting back on employees, their operations, and consumer spending. But this time the pandemic affected not only the financial aspect of the business, the valuation of sellers, and buyer attitudes, but many other factors that directly affect M&A. Now that virtually all documents have gone digital, and the pandemic has forced everyone to move remotely, using convenient and effective collaborative tools has become a priority, as companies, investors, auditors, and other M&A participants needed to adapt to the new environment.

Predictions for further growth and development of the VDR market 

Judging by the circumstances and state of the VDR market today, professionals can draw some conclusions and predictions for its future development, such as: 

  • The services segment will maintain a higher average annual growth rate over the forecast period 

The services segment can be divided into professional services and managed services. They play a very important role in the deployment of virtual data rooms, and service providers take great care of them. VDRs provide almost such services, such as a high level of data storage security, document management, and exchange, but still in their purpose they can be different. 

VDRs now provide their customers with top-level security, smart search, multilingual support, and a host of other useful advanced features. It’s all going to be the case that the high growth in the distribution of VDRs will help spread the best professional services. 

  • The marketing and sales segment will maintain the highest growth rate over the forecast period 

Marketing in the business and sales industry is growing rapidly due to the popularization of digital business. This function is very important for any company that needs the support of information from different departments that can ensure they are successful in finding potential customers. The marketing and sales team needs to find and use new technology to outperform their competitors. 

  • Cloud segment will help in accounting for higher CAGR 

VDRs are divided into cloud and on-premises, and cloud solutions are valued much higher and are projected to have a higher CAGR over the next five years. This is all because cloud solutions handle information processing and delivery, provisioning, and collaboration more quickly and efficiently. 

  • Small and medium-sized businesses will contribute heavily to the VDR market volume 

Small and medium-sized businesses – there are a lot of them and they are growing very fast, they also have by far the largest segment of the virtual data room market. That’s all because cloud-based virtual data rooms are helping them increase the productivity of their businesses. But big business is not lagging, the adoption of VDRs in large companies is also high. 

  • Government and defense segments will have higher growth rates 

The defense and government segments are expected to grow at a high rate over the next five years, and the use of VDRs for transaction management and verification, and negotiation will become very commonplace.

Data Room and Infrastructure

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Do you want to use a powerful tool in your working process? If you are definitely sure about it, you should visit our boarding room. Here you will get all necessary information about data room, virtual data room, privacy for business, and security systems. Every aspect is explained in detail, so you will be cautious about every aspect.

To begin with, the data room is a perfect place for every type of documents that will be in one place.

You will be sure about its safety and accessibility at every moment. The company has several benefits if they use this data room. First of all, it will be cautiously to exchange necessary documents online only you need a stable internet connection. It is used for easy-to-use methods fall all members. Secondly, all documents will structuralize and command. As you can see, the data room is a secure distribution for delicate texts.  

Furthermore, it is understandable how to use it. All you need is to prepare information that you need to upload, and to create and add new users in the virtual data room that will have access. You will have an administrator that will manage this room, examine every process, add members, set folders, other agreements, and other activities. However, you should be aware of the special characteristics of a complete virtual data room. Firstly, it should have a high level of protection. Secondly, it should contain particular document verification when you are working collaboratively. Thirdly, it should report about all users, files, document activity. All you need is to examine the security level, check providers’ studies, verify all prospects that are possible, and test the particular virtual data room.

Privacy for business is a crucial part of any type of organization.

Nowadays, most companies work online with customers, as a result, they should be sure about the safety of their personal information and any type of document that they will be sharing. When the company has privacy, it will have an opportunity to grow the business. For this reason, we have prepared a list of security systems that can be used in the working process. With the help of a security system, you will be sure that everything is under control.

All things considered, you need to try all these components of healthy working life. We are sure you will dive into all this information. It is high time to be innovative, straightforward, and easy to manage with any type of task. All you need is to be conscious of the future innovations that are available right now. Try to be thriving in your work. Don’t lose this chance!


Thunder VPN Review: What Should We Expect?

Thunder VPN Review

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The free VPN platform, Thunder VPN advertises itself as the fast app for presenting a free VPN proxy server. It only works for Android and is free to download on the Google Play store. But in some countries, the app is extremely unstable and insecure.

Key characteristics of the platform

During the Thunder VPN review, we considered the speed and area of the servers, protection strategy. You ought to likewise learn more about the platform in the event that you plan to use it. The program has around 5 million downloads on the official website alone and around 200,000 feedback reports. Unmistakably free VPN programs like Thunder VPN are attracting a ton of attention.

Thunder VPN advantages:

  • Unlimited time of work;
  • Simple and convenient application;
  • Always free;

Thunder VPN disadvantages:

  • Sometimes slow speeds
  • No torrent support
  • Collects your data

Of course, the main reason why so many users download Thunder VPN is the ability to use VPN for free and without restrictions. 9 servers are available, the connection is the simplest, with one button. Clients appreciate the availability and convenient usage of the service.

Thunder VPN security and anonymity

The Thunder VPN website lists zero physical contact details and the only mention of such details can be discovered in the Google Play store. The registration address is in Arkansas, USA, the zip code is indicated in California. 

A check of the companies listed at this address, along with Google Street View, shows that many organizations are registered there. But not Thunder VPN, which is automatically alarming.

Thunder VPN claims to not collect logs, and yet the policy document tells the following. When you use our application, we may collect information: IP address, Internet service provider, OS version, applications. Besides, hone language and ID, device brand and model, e-mail, time zone, network, service connection time, choice position, number of information conveyed, etc. 

Program speed ​​and stability

Thunder VPN has very slow speeds. Here are some statistics:

  • When testing the connection to France, Thunder VPN gave a speed of approximately 2 Mbps Download and 9 Mbps Upload. 
  • Even for a free VPN service, this is pretty bad. In comparison, ExpressVPN under the same conditions delivered 33 Mbps and 40 Mbps, respectively.

There are 10 server locations announced, but some of them are illusory. The Netherlands is not actually available as a server, when connected to this server it gives out a French IP. It’s the same with a server in Japan that connects you to China. This is a poor choice for VPN users in Asia. As there are no servers available in the privacy-friendly neighboring country.

There is no report about the number of Thunder VPN servers, which is strange. Usually, top providers like Express, Nord, Pure, or Vypr will be happy to provide detailed information. They will advise on what security methods they use, as it is important for users.

Is AVG VPN any good for a modern user? - Post Thumbnail

Is AVG VPN any good for a modern user?

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Almost every computer user has probably heard of AVG antivirus before, but AVG VPN is much less popular on the cybersecurity market. You can get it separately or in a bundle with other applications from this brand. The most crucial function of any VPN is to efficiently mask or change a user’s IP address to make network connections safe. This feature completely eliminates all the threats from hackers or hostile malware you can face on the internet today. The following AVG VPN Review will outline all the details of the app and will help any user to decide whether it is a viable option.

Who will install AVG VPN?

The high demand on the market of cybersecurity applications created a high supply of them, which in its turn has led to a cutthroat competition between major developers. Does AVG VPN prove its name after all?

Main advantages of the program:

  • High connection speed regardless of the user’s location, which makes it a great choice for gamers and people who need to download a lot of data from blocked sources. Not all the competitors can offer such a feature.
  • The ability to use AVG VPN with Netflix streaming service. This feature is quite rare for today’s standards, even though it may be the most attractive one for the majority of the customers.
  • Compatibility with the most popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the use of the application versatile.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN include:

  • Saving of user’s logs and timestamps in the system creates a threat of leakage of personal data of the user. This is unacceptable for a cybersecurity application that claims to protect users’ sensitive data. Some sources report issues with the safety of AVG clients’ information because of such technical flaws.
  • Small number of available servers. You can choose only from 36 countries, which is way below the average for the advanced VPN application. It limits the opportunities of the user and makes the program less usable.
  • The application does not work in China. Even though this is not something new for the VPN program, it can be considered as a major disadvantage.
  • Poor customer support for the price you pay. The official website claims to provide 24/7 technical support via phone or email, the actual response rate is too low.

Bottom line

AVG VPN might be a viable choice for an ordinary internet user that cares about additional features it can offer more than about protection. If you are looking for a solid cybersecurity application that will for sure keep your sensitive data safe, you should better look for another solution. The application saves the user’s log files and timestamps, which opens new ways for the data leakage and can cause serious problems.

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Best free VPN application for any platform

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When it comes to protection from internet threats there is no better solution that a virtual private network services today. These applications have been around for about ten years and gained popularity among all types of users. Hackers and hostile software can get access to your sensitive data at any time using your IP (internet protocol) address. However, this will not be an issue after installing any VPN program on your device. This article will provide an in-depth Touch VPN Review to give any user the clearer understanding of the topic.

Can a good application be free?

It might be a surprise for a lot of digital devices users that applications of a good quality can be free nowadays. Usually, companies claim high prices on their products or services and all you can hope for is some bonuses or discounts. However, Touch VPN is definitely a pleasant exception from the rule.

Benefits of Touch VPN:

  • Of course, the fact that a license is free is a main advantage of this application. It is not a trial period or demo version with limited functionality, you get all the features it can offer without paying at all. Just download the app on the platform you are using. You will be able to get rid of it without any losses anytime.
  • Compatibility with most popular operating systems. Touch VPN can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS. Users will not need to seek for another solution for every device anymore: one account gives protection for all of them.
  • The availability of almost three thousand servers in hundred countries worldwide opens a completely new world of possibilities for the users that try to bypass limitations on particular internet services or streaming platforms.
  • You will not have to worry about losing your personal data anymore. Hackers have not found out how to break through such solid protection yet. Essentially, the inability to get your real IP address leaves them without the most convenient way of getting access to sensitive data.
  • Use any internet service completely anonymously. No one, including your internet provider or even the government of the country you live in will not know your location or browser search history. Make sure your right of internet freedom is not neglected using the functionality of Touch VPN.

Bottom line

Touch VPN is one of those solutions that will be perfect for every user because of its functionality and price. In fact, you might not be completely satisfied by some of the features for some reason but who will complain about them – the application is absolutely free. Try it for yourself and leave a comment on the official website under all the positive reviews from the users from all around the world.

Can a good VPN application be free? - Post Thumbnail

Can a good VPN application be free?

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The importance of virtual private network services for a modern internet user is difficult to overestimate. VPN ensures that connection with any network or Wi-Fi hotspot is safe and secure by masking or completely faking the IP address of the user. Can such a vital feature be free? Of course, some applications claim to provide all the services without any payments. It can make some customers skip such an affordable option in favor of some pricey VPNs because of unreasonable suspicions. This Betternet VPN Review will serve as a great source of information for any interested user.

All the nuances of free VPNs

Betternet VPN is a great example for the article as it is one of the most popular VPNs on the cybersecurity market in its price category. It claims to provide the full range of functionality totally free, which obviously gives him an edge over competitors. However, the topic is much deeper than that.

How can it be free?

  • First of all, “full functionality” stands for the basic protection function of the VPN, no additional features included. You still can hide or change the IP address, but it can be limiting sometimes not to have such functions as Gaming Mode or Parental Control. However, you can get those by upgrading to the “premium” version, which costs 35.99$ a year.
  • Small amount of servers only in 10 countries may not be enough for the majority of the users. In addition, you cannot use Betternet VPN with Netflix streaming services to get access to the show that is unavailable in your country.
  • The application brings money to its developers with the help of advertisements that are always shown to users in the process of using it. It can be really annoying, but again, you can get rid of them only by buying the “premium” license.

Considering all the information stated above, Betternet might not seem as the most viable option. Nevertheless, it has some benefits too:

  • The ability to get rid of the app at any time without losing any money.
  • The compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the program really versatile and flexible. You can use a single account for every device, which is very handy for people that have multiple computers or smartphones.
  • Solid protection will be more than enough for an ordinary user.


It is impossible to compare free VPNs with the applications you have to buy in terms of quality of the services and functionality. Nevertheless, Betternet VPN might be a good starting point for amateur users that try to understand the basic work of VPNs in general and to find out what features they have to look for. The abilities to switch to any other program at any moment or upgrade to a premium version to get more features are very convenient.