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Easily Uninstall Avast on Mac

The user can protect his Mac from viruses with the reliable antivirus software, but sometimes this software can become a headache to the Mac owner. Avast is one of the antivirus programs which is hard to remove. The removal of Avast requires additional forces of the users.  

Reasons to uninstall Avast Mac

Many users are disappointed with Avast Security system because of: 

  • Low scanning speed.
  • Extra consumption of sources.
  • Pop-up windows which distract the attention. 

Mac owners know Avast as a woundable antivirus for Mac. It should take into consideration that it expands freely and quite effectively removes most of the digital risks. But according to the experience of Apple users, it isn’t worth to economize on the security system, that’s why they chose the commercial antivirus with the better productivity rate and the force safety. 

The way to remove Avast Security system on Mac using menu bar

There are several ways to remove Avast on Mac. Removal Avast Security on Mac using a menu bar is the simplest way to delete Avast Security on Mac. Follow the instruction presented below:

  • Launch application Avast Antivirus and click Avast in the up left corner of the window. Chose “Open Avast” in the opened list and click on «Avast Security».
  • Chose “Delete Avast” in the proposed list. In the appearing demand, chose Delete Avast from Mac. 
  • You can choose other Avast products for removing and click on “Continue”.

If it asks the administration permission, it is needed to input your Touch ID or the administrator password. Several minutes later, the removal process will be finished. It should be noticed that the tag removal doesn’t delete the program.  

How to remove Avast on Mac using the official uninstaller Avast

  • Move to the official site Avast, find and download Avast Security on Mac on your MacBook free.
  • Start the files, where you can find two options: «Avast Mac Security» and «Delete Avast». Chose variant “Delete Avast” and click the “Delete” button to continue. 
  • Chose the useless products of Avast and click “Continue”.
  • Input the password connected with your administrator account and click OK to confirm Avast removal. After the removal, only leave the program. 
  • Reactivate Mac. 

How to delete Avast on Mac manually?

  • Leave Avast, which you want to remove. Open utility program on Mac and click “Activity monitor” twice. Find and chose the Avast process and click on the “Exit” button. 
  • Visit “Application” and place the Avast symbol to the Basket. Move to the library to Finder and delete all connected files and folders. 
  • Reactivate Mac and check if the program is deleted from your Mac. 

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