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Is AVG VPN any good for a modern user?

Almost every computer user has probably heard of AVG antivirus before, but AVG VPN is much less popular on the cybersecurity market. You can get it separately or in a bundle with other applications from this brand. The most crucial function of any VPN is to efficiently mask or change a user’s IP address to make network connections safe. This feature completely eliminates all the threats from hackers or hostile malware you can face on the internet today. The following AVG VPN Review will outline all the details of the app and will help any user to decide whether it is a viable option.

Who will install AVG VPN?

The high demand on the market of cybersecurity applications created a high supply of them, which in its turn has led to a cutthroat competition between major developers. Does AVG VPN prove its name after all?

Main advantages of the program:

  • High connection speed regardless of the user’s location, which makes it a great choice for gamers and people who need to download a lot of data from blocked sources. Not all the competitors can offer such a feature.
  • The ability to use AVG VPN with Netflix streaming service. This feature is quite rare for today’s standards, even though it may be the most attractive one for the majority of the customers.
  • Compatibility with the most popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS makes the use of the application versatile.

Disadvantages of AVG VPN include:

  • Saving of user’s logs and timestamps in the system creates a threat of leakage of personal data of the user. This is unacceptable for a cybersecurity application that claims to protect users’ sensitive data. Some sources report issues with the safety of AVG clients’ information because of such technical flaws.
  • Small number of available servers. You can choose only from 36 countries, which is way below the average for the advanced VPN application. It limits the opportunities of the user and makes the program less usable.
  • The application does not work in China. Even though this is not something new for the VPN program, it can be considered as a major disadvantage.
  • Poor customer support for the price you pay. The official website claims to provide 24/7 technical support via phone or email, the actual response rate is too low.

Bottom line

AVG VPN might be a viable choice for an ordinary internet user that cares about additional features it can offer more than about protection. If you are looking for a solid cybersecurity application that will for sure keep your sensitive data safe, you should better look for another solution. The application saves the user’s log files and timestamps, which opens new ways for the data leakage and can cause serious problems.


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