Thunder VPN Review: What Should We Expect?

Thunder VPN Review

The free VPN platform, Thunder VPN advertises itself as the fast app for presenting a free VPN proxy server. It only works for Android and is free to download on the Google Play store. But in some countries, the app is extremely unstable and insecure.

Key characteristics of the platform

During the Thunder VPN review, we considered the speed and area of the servers, protection strategy. You ought to likewise learn more about the platform in the event that you plan to use it. The program has around 5 million downloads on the official website alone and around 200,000 feedback reports. Unmistakably free VPN programs like Thunder VPN are attracting a ton of attention.

Thunder VPN advantages:

  • Unlimited time of work;
  • Simple and convenient application;
  • Always free;

Thunder VPN disadvantages:

  • Sometimes slow speeds
  • No torrent support
  • Collects your data

Of course, the main reason why so many users download Thunder VPN is the ability to use VPN for free and without restrictions. 9 servers are available, the connection is the simplest, with one button. Clients appreciate the availability and convenient usage of the service.

Thunder VPN security and anonymity

The Thunder VPN website lists zero physical contact details and the only mention of such details can be discovered in the Google Play store. The registration address is in Arkansas, USA, the zip code is indicated in California. 

A check of the companies listed at this address, along with Google Street View, shows that many organizations are registered there. But not Thunder VPN, which is automatically alarming.

Thunder VPN claims to not collect logs, and yet the policy document tells the following. When you use our application, we may collect information: IP address, Internet service provider, OS version, applications. Besides, hone language and ID, device brand and model, e-mail, time zone, network, service connection time, choice position, number of information conveyed, etc. 

Program speed ​​and stability

Thunder VPN has very slow speeds. Here are some statistics:

  • When testing the connection to France, Thunder VPN gave a speed of approximately 2 Mbps Download and 9 Mbps Upload. 
  • Even for a free VPN service, this is pretty bad. In comparison, ExpressVPN under the same conditions delivered 33 Mbps and 40 Mbps, respectively.

There are 10 server locations announced, but some of them are illusory. The Netherlands is not actually available as a server, when connected to this server it gives out a French IP. It’s the same with a server in Japan that connects you to China. This is a poor choice for VPN users in Asia. As there are no servers available in the privacy-friendly neighboring country.

There is no report about the number of Thunder VPN servers, which is strange. Usually, top providers like Express, Nord, Pure, or Vypr will be happy to provide detailed information. They will advise on what security methods they use, as it is important for users.