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Virtual data rooms software for executives

Executives need to operate at a high level of productivity regardless of the circumstances. Still, the global coronavirus pandemic has shaken the device of companies and caused many complications. virtual data rooms have become indispensable to businesses at this time, as they offer a highly secure space to store and share confidential documents, manage users and manage transactions. This way, executives, employees, and partners can collaborate remotely, no matter what happens, and company processes run more securely and efficiently. In this article, we will provide the best VDR solutions for executives.

iDeals Review

iDeals has been considered one of the best virtual data room providers for a long time because it can offer quality services to many industries and all sizes of businesses. In addition, the provider has 14 years of experience and offers user-friendly features and interfaces.

Outstanding features:

  • Flexible customization -You can customize your interface branding, including watermark, logo, footers, and email invitations. You also customize the level of access to the document and the language you want
  • Easy to use – iDeals requires no plug-ins to install. It has mobile apps for all mobile operating systems for greater ease of use and a single sign-on feature
  • Effective customer service – Contact live chat, email, or phone support. Response time depends on the method you choose and can range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Flexible pricing – provider offers three fixed tariffs and one month’s free trial
  • Efficient document management – iDeals supports 25 file types and offers bulk uploads for fast document organization. Optical character recognition lets you find the right file in seconds

DataSite Overview

Data site customers can be found in at least 170 countries worldwide. This popularity is due to the top-notch security, management, and support tools. Datasite is a great option for managing M&A projects and offers services for medium to large companies.

Outstanding features:

  • Built-in communication – Q&A section allows you to maintain a secure communication and easily customize workflow
  • Limited number of admins – assign any number of admins and an unlimited number of invited users; price is not affected
  • Analytics and reporting – automated dashboards can be exported and filtered to get the analytics you need
  • Easy document management – upload files up to 50GB without problems. The bulk upload feature will allow you to do it in half the time. You also have smart AI file categories, previews, and smart searches at your disposal

CapLinked Overview

CapLinked is one of the virtual data rooms ideal for managing and closing various deals. This includes real estate deals, mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, fundraisers, and more. In addition, executives from companies of all sizes can use the VDR solution, providing advanced security features that assure users that this space is ideal for digital data.

Outstanding features:

  • High-end customer service -the provider assures that every customer will receive a timely response to their request
  • Few integration options – CapLinked space can easily adapt to your business infrastructure because it offers integration with apps you’re already working with, namely Google Drive, Box, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365
  • Activity monitoring – keep track of all the detailed activities of other users in the space thanks to automatic activity reports, and you won’t miss a single update thanks to automated notifications
  • Direct Collaboration -With CapLinked, your collaboration with colleagues or potential partners will become more effective. Chat with each other via encrypted messaging and ask questions in the Q&A area
  • Easy setup -configure the data room in minutes, and you’re ready to go